New Store OPEN UP in Hong Kong and ship worldwide


Congratulation that COM'COM'STORE is going to launch to market and end user by 13 August 2018. It is COM'COM'STORE pleasure to serve all the shoppers from worldwide by providing in-creditable shopping destination.
The definition of the name " COM'COM'STORE" is generated and created from Portugal's word. COM' mean together and with, even represents as welcome, COME COME and .com .... Allow audience to have a huge imagination.  
The flow and the design is more easy and user friend. The layout is very clear and no messy messages come through all the pages. 
Also, the Customer service is easily to reach and get in touch with various popular social tools e.g. Whatsapp, instant email sending even Facebook messenger etc.  
Every customer also allow to shop in Facebook shop, via Instagram post or even make the order through messenger. 
For celebrating the opening of COM'COM'STORE, we specially offer HKD100 coupon for all user to use in purchase. ( expired date: 20180916)





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