LES ORNATES - Purifier No.1 On your mark body oil (20ml)

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No. 1 On Your Mark Oil(Body)– an Emotional Curation 
(Rosemary + Lemongrass + Cedarwood) 

Designed in particular for the ‘stressed- out’, and ones living under a perpetual cosmopolitan hustle bustle of this generation. The On Your Mark Oil takes the emotions on a journey of rejuvenation through the relaxation of the mind. 

~~Recommended to utilize this product in accordance with an individual’s menstrual cycle for most effective results. This is usually best complemented with Go Go Oil and Goal Oil. 

No. 1 - On Your Mark oil(適用於身體)
– 情緒篇

#此外,若個別女性在月經前或月經來臨時, 感到悶悶不樂,暴躁且無故憂鬱; 並出現痘痘問題,On Your Mark oil 可有效調整心理質素,鬆弛神經,減輕經痛及減少因月經導致的暗瘡煩惱。同時,On Your Mark oil能有效為進行生理期減肥的女性控制心理上的誘食魔鬼!

~建議女性在進行生理期減肥法,配合On Your Mark oil, Go Go oil及Goal oil使用,效果更為顯著。