Hair Corner

Hair Corner x Nigo Essence + Hair Corner Up-Ztyle Hair Spray Special Package

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Hair Corner x Nigo Essence

Suitable for all damaged hair. It repairs damaged hair cuticles rapidly and strengthens inner fibrous protein of cortex.
Contains natural ingredients - Hydrolyzed Keratin, which provides nourishing effect and replenishes hair with nutrients continually.

How to Use:
After shampoo, apply generously to the hair and blow-dry for styling. Before any hair chemical process, apply it evenly around ears/neck/hairline to prevent any skin irritation.


Hair Corner Up-Ztyle Hair Spray

- Creates a strong, three-dimensional look
- There will be no feeling of stiffness or stiffness
- Can repair damaged hair and anti-aging
- Protects hair from hot and cold damage
- Can be used with other styling tools at the same time
- Contains fiber cell glucosamine, hydrolyzed elasticity and collagen