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【JJOBI】 BOTTLE- Portable Water Sterilizer (Beige)

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JJOBI BOTTLE is a portable water sterilizer with eco-friendly UV LED sterilization technology. UV LED sterilizes water directly to eliminate harmful germs up to 99.9% in 10 mins, effective wavelengths eliminate harmful germs such as e.coli and vibrio in water. JJOBI BOTTLE has been lab-certified by SGS (World’s leading certification company) and KCL for sterilizing and eliminating germs up to 99.9%. We believe eco-friendly materials are good for our children. All plastics used for JJOBI BOTTLE are made of PBS which is 100% biodegradable materials.


✓ UV LED is a suitable for sterilizing drinking water as it does not generate heat and smell

✓ Replaceable handle: Body ring can be changed to handle-less type

✓ All components are detachable and washable, avoid washing sterilization cartridge with water

✓ Inside of JJOBI BOTTLE is made of hygienic stainless steel

✓ JJOBI BOTTLE can be used up to 72 hours with one full charge. *when used for 10 times per day*

✓ 75mm x 70mm x 168mm / 338g / 250ml