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LES ORNATES Body Purifier No.2 Get set oil (20ml)

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No. 2 Get Set Oil – a Metabolism Curation 
(Gingerroot + Frankincense + Lemongrass) 

Designed for office workers who sit behind the desk for long hours. This Get Set Oil increases the rate of metabolism, improves the quality of skin texture, and also promotes blood circulation – which forces excess fat and other impurities to be circulated out of the system. 

#GetSetOil allows the rare opportunity for the digestive system to remain activated and sensitive even when we are not doing exercise. In essence, the oil allows each of us to ‘Slim through Sitting’ - even after a meal or when we’re sat at work. The Get Set Oil can also provide a solution to water retention concerns as it has the ability to isolate parts of the body for slimming. Alas, bid farewell to flabby arms, thunder thighs and food babies; grab yourselves one of these and ‘Get Set!’ 

No. 2 - Get Set oil :

– 新陳代謝篇
適合上班族或長時間坐著人士使用,Get Set oil能加速新陳代謝,改善皮膚質素,幫助消化,並促進血液偱環,使頑固脂肪得以繼續代謝。

#Get Set oil讓用家在缺乏運動的情況下,仍然能夠刺激消化系統,讓用家可以 “坐住瘦”,例如用膳後或上班時。

Get Set oil同時有效改善水腫問題,並局部性瘦身,如減去手臂Bye Bye肉、大腿贅肉,肚腩等脂肪容易積聚的部位,為日後燒脂作準備。