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LES ORNATES Body Purifier No.3 Go Go oil (20ml)

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No. 3 Go Go Oil – an Exercise Curation 
(Lemongrass + Rosewood + Gingerroot) 

Designed to reduce fat, improve metabolism and promote blood circulation. Suitable for exercise enthusiasts and those who love sport. The Go Go Oil is to be consumed before exercise so as to ensure no excess fat is remained in the system after. The contours of one’s bodyform and muscles thus become more toned and aesthetically pleasing. 

#If the GoGo Oil is utilized at an optimum point during one’s menstrual cycle, she will be prone to feel more physically active. And since the peak period for maximum slimming is 7-14 days after the first day of menstruation, we would urge you to use that prime week wisely, and do more exercise then to ensure fat and weight loss! 

~~ Recommended to utilize this product in accordance with an individual’s menstrual cycle for most effective results. This is best complemented with On Your Mark Oil, Go Go Oil and Goal Oil. 

No. 3 - Go Go oil:
– 運動篇
針對燃燒脂肪,加速新陳代謝及促進血液偱環。適合運動員或喜愛運動人士。Go Go oil能使頑固脂肪持續代謝,於運動前使用,則可改善肌肉線條,塑造出理想形態。

#個別女性若在進行生理期減肥法時使用Go Go oil,能使身體機能更活躍,而減肥高峰期則是月經開始後第7~14天,在這段黃金時間做運動能加快脂肪代謝,大大增加减肥瘦身的功效!

~~建議女性在進行生理期減肥法,配合On Your Mark oil、Go Go oil及Goal oil使用,效果更為顯著。