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LES ORNATES Body Purifier No.4 Goal oil (20ml)

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No. 4 Goal Oil – a Purification Curation 
(Lavender + Rosewood +Frankincense+ Rosemary) 

Designed to improve quality of sleep, rejuvenate drying and dull skin, and soothe muscle tense ups and other psychological discomforts. Goal Oil is also especially efficacious in improving constipation – as the rate of metabolism is increased upon consumption, which results in unwanted waste being gushed out of the body quicker and eliminates their accumulation. 

#TheGoalOil is to be consumed after exercise and can be used to control food cravings. At the same time it triggers activity in the colons, so all accumulated waste is oozed out of the body. 

~~ Recommended to utilize this product in accordance with an individual’s menstrual cycle for most effective results. This is best complemented with On Your Mark Oil, Go Go Oil and Goal Oil. 

No. 4 -Goal oil:

– 淨化篇
提升睡眠質素,改善肌膚暗啞問題,更有助舒緩肌肉不適及保持心情舒暢。Goal oil還能有效改善便秘,加快代謝廢物,使身體毒素更易排走,避免積聚。

#於運動後使用 “Goal oil”,能繼續控制「誘食魔鬼」,以免前功盡廢,同時促進腸道蠕動,以排走體內裏所積聚之毒素。

~~建議女性在進行生理期減肥法,配合On Your Mark oil, Go Go oil及Goal oil使用,效果更為顯著。